Ohysical Therapy Involved in ACL Tear Essay

Ohysical Therapy Involved in ACL Tear Essay

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Over the last several years the most publicized sports injury has been an ACL tear. No matter if it is on television, internet, and or newspaper, it is always stated how hard the athlete works in Physical Therapy and how hard they are rehabbing. The one thing that is never mentioned when it comes to ACL tears is the strict diet they need to be on in order to have a speedy recovery.
A big problem that is faced when athletes are recovering from ACL Surgery is the amount of time and focus the athlete devotes to the physical therapy portion of rehabilitation. Specifically with ACL injuries, most people complete the rehabilitation program but ignore the massive impact that diet and nutrition can have on reducing inflammation and speeding recovery. Essentially this is because Physical Therapist only deals with the structural components of the injury whereas it is diet and nutrition that deal with the chemical components. There need to more information given to athletes about their post-operative rehabilitation than just the physical aspect`.
Ligaments and cartilage contain collagen a naturally occurring protein. We need the right nutrients in our diet to help collagen to heal damaged cartilage. If we don’t have the right nutrients then we can heal but not in an optimal way which then means we are more likely to re-injure ourselves. salmon and lean meats are great sources of high quality protein which is essential for tissue repair of bones, tendons and ligaments, according to an article in the April 2007 issue of "Runner's World." The healing process entails building new cells from scratch and uses up a considerable amount of your body's available resources. Provide your cells with sufficient amounts of protein during this time peri...

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...ntrol group, results showed decreased levels of inflammatory molecules called isoprostanes in the group that took antioxidants, implying decreased inflammation and healing time. The study was published in the 2009 issue of the journal "Redox Report."
Foods containing support ligament repair, according to a study published in the October 2001 issue of the journal "Clinica Chimica Acta." This mineral prevents oxidative damage. Copper is a nutrient mineral that helps protect ligaments and also contributes to the oxygen-carrying molecules hemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in the muscles. Food sources of zinc include beef, pork, lamb and dark parts of poultry. Zinc is also found in nuts, whole grains and legumes. Copper is found in shellfish, whole grains, beans, nuts, potatoes, and organ meats, dark leafy greens, dried fruits such as prunes, cocoa and black pepper.

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