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The really premise of Ohio State study was to research leader traits. Their work furthered the studies of Stogdill in 1948, which theorized that there was no ideal set of traits that can identify a leader from a follower (Northouse, 2015). Stogdill also went on to say that one’s responsiveness to a decision is purely situational and not necessarily determined by genetic disposition alone.
The Ohio State research capitalized on the leader’s behavior when in front of a group by way of the decision maker’s actions. Two behaviors were primarily identified by survey work left for group followers to identify which behaviors their leaders gravitated to. The first behavior was initiating structure which was determined to mean those actions a leader took to organizing a work plan, deliver project context to the group, assigning responsibilities, and then scheduling resources to activities (Northouse, 2015). The second leader behavior explored was consideration. These actions were typically what social actions a leader took with their group during work activities. They concentrated on reaching leader credibility through trust and respect while fostering individual and group cohesion by way of camaraderie and leader-follower agreeability.
In this body of research, no correlation was found in a leader having a high sense of initiating structure while simultaneously functioning well in consideration. The same could be said for underperforming initiating actions and being an inconsiderate leader. The Ohio State study does little to include Managerial Grid’s concern for people outside of the space of project work. Therefore, much of the work done during this research more closely resembles the Path-Goal approach to leadership found...

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...rid uses five styles of leadership to identify behaviors, which include authority– compliance (9,1), country-club management (1,9), impoverished management (1,1), middle-of-the-road management (5,5), and team management (9,9) (Northouse, 2015).
While the Managerial Grid has little in common with Ohio’s work, it has much in common with Michigan University study. However, Blake and Mouton distance themselves from Michigan efforts largely through the expansion of leadership behaviors which include Initiative, Inquiry, Advocacy, Decision making, Conflict resolution, Resilience, and Critique. These behaviors really typify a series or cycle of actions a leader takes during a task, to include contingent responses if necessary, and self-maintenance through awareness. This offers the Managerial Grid to be a learning system that can measure leader growth and regression.

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