Oh What a Colorful Mind You Have There Essay

Oh What a Colorful Mind You Have There Essay

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There are many who underestimate the importance of proper color choice within web
design. For those who delve deeper into this art, however, will quickly realize that it is incredibly
essential to the successful construction of a website. Every color has attributes associated with
it, and depending on which part of the world you’re in, different meanings. An entire category of
science has been dedicated to analyzing colors, their effects on those who view them, and how
various colors interact with each other. In web design, understanding the various effects and
meanings of different colors and how they can influence your target audience is crucial.
Colors have a wide range of effects on their viewers (Chapman, 2010). Red, for
example, has been shown to raise blood pressure and respiration rates, and also enhance
human metabolism. Orange commands attention and may lead the viewer to receive a sense of
friendliness and invitation. Yellow has a bit more of a range, depending on the value, or
lightness or darkness, of the color. Yellow in general can lend a sense of happiness and
cheerfulness. Lighter yellows can send out a more calming form of happiness. Darker yellows
are known for transmitting a sense of antiquity. Green is known for its balancing and
harmonizing effects, as well as stability. Brighter greens tend to release a more energizing feel.
Blue, in my opinion, is a rather strong color, with a wide variety of effects depending on its
shade. Light blues tend to be refreshing, friendly, relaxing, and calming. Darker blues tend to
lend out a feeling of strength and reliability. Very bright blues have a habit of transmitting energy
and refreshment. Purple has had a long history of reminding people of royalty, hence why
darker s...

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