Essay Of Mice And Men, The Red Pony And The Grapes Of Wrath

Essay Of Mice And Men, The Red Pony And The Grapes Of Wrath

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In 1935, his novel Tortilla Flat established him as a popular and critical success but unfortunately his parents died before he achieved his first success.
Some of his literary works I utterly admire are Of Mice and Men, The Red Pony and The Grapes of Wrath.
Of Mice and Men was written in 1935 and 1936 and first published as a novel in 1937at the height of the Great Depression. This novel is a spectacular disposition of the tenacity of the American dream and the calamity of its failure. In the book, Lennie a migrant ranchland is retarded. George, also a migrant ranchland travels with him and looks after him. The novel begins and ends on a riverbank off the main road separated from the world. It is to this place that George tells Lennie to return in case of trouble. As in many of his novels, the riverbank signifies a back-to-the-womb kind of notion. Lennie is a broad heavy-duty fellow that likes soft, furry things like puppies and mice and he accidentally crushes the life out of them when showing affection, he believes in dreams than reality and longs for the day he and George will have own their little land and house, a place they will live and stay away from the troubles of the world, the world he does not understand and George does not trust. George on the other hand is mean, straight-forward, and unselfish. They are different from other ranchland workers as they have each other. Lennie symbolizes the visceral, inarticulate land-hunger, while George becomes the poet of this romantic vision. Their fate represents that of America in the 1930s when they cade the great depression. The novel is unique in the sense that it was written as a dialogue with almost no adjustment be acted on stage. The books acclai...

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... and Billy Burke had to kill the colt’s mother in order to save the colt. Although Jody is excited about his new pet, he is sadden by the trade-off that came with the gift. Which demonstrates that life and death are inevitably convoluted together. The last story, “The Leader of the People” ends the sequel with another perception of death and change. Jody’s grandfather visits the ranch and retells his stories of the great wagon train and Jody’s father Carl Tiflin hates these and hurts his dad’s feelings when he said that no one except Jody was interested in the stories, then Jody’s grandfather realizes what his son said is true but still tells the story to Jody anyway about all he had to do as a leader. And in all his grandfather’s ramblings, Jody discovers a sense of mature purpose, and by the ending of the sequel, Jody hopes to become a leader of the people someday.

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