Of Mice and Men - 4th chapter Essay

Of Mice and Men - 4th chapter Essay

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This passage comes from the fourth chapter in Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. George and the other workers are “gone into town” (69). Lennie, Crooks and Candy are the only men remaining on the ranch. This excerpt characterizes Crooks and promotes the themes of loneliness and dreams. In addition, this passage characterizes Lennie and reinforces the theme of companionship.
In this portion of the book, the author provides a precise characterization of Crooks. The stable buck takes “pleasure in his torture” (71) of Lennie. He suggests many scenarios that make Lennie miserable such as “Well s’pose, jus’s’pose he [George] don’t come back” (71) “s’pose he gets killed or hurt so he can’t come back” (71). Crooks’ suppositions are a sign of meanness, they demonstrate that loneliness has twisted his conscience. He also behaves this way because since “he ain’t got nobody” (72), he is jealous of Lennie’s friendship with George. Crooks suffers from loneliness. He has no one to turn to, and to be near him. He says it himself that “a guy needs somebody---to be near him” (72), or else “he ge...

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