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Almost everyone is born into a family. In “Of Mice and Men”, the characters George Milton and Lennie Small have a relationship that could be described as a family relationship. In “The Gilded Six-Bits”, Joe Banks and Missie May are a husband and wife. These people interact with others but there is a different type of interaction between the people who they consider to be family. When people interact with family members, they are usually more free with their actions and words than they are with strangers or mere acquaintances. Sometimes these carefree words and actions lead to disruptions within their relationships. Regardless of the trials and tribulations, everyone desires to have someone that they can care for and call their family.
People enjoy having a sense of protection. George Milton gave Lennie Small a sense of protection. Whenever Lennie got in trouble, George always came to his rescue and got him out of trouble. The only time George could not protect Lennie was after Lennie accidentally killed Curley’s wife. George knew that Curley would try to kill Lennie and he would ...

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