Oedipus As A Real Human Tragedy Essay

Oedipus As A Real Human Tragedy Essay

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There is overwhelming evidence corroborating the notion that the perplexity as well as bewilderment underlying man’s destiny along with his deeds is what may qualify Sophocles “Oedipus” as a real human tragedy in the sense that the whole story is about mysterious and enigmatic inquiries about truth as well as human tragedy.
As the story unfolds, a whole cast of puzzling characters is introduced in a gradual sequence stressing the degree of the complexity of the tangled events. In this respect, Oedipus discovers the death of the king of Thebes Laius; whose murderer he will know towards the end of the play. As a youngster Oedipus had been able to protect Thebes against the Sphinx. Additionally, the Oracle had predicted that Oedipus would marry his mother and later murder his father. Creon- Oedipus brother-in- law – was allegedly accused by the latter to have killed Laius and then headed in quest for Apollo’s advice in an attempt to save Thebes from a plague contamination. Another mysterious character is that of Tiresias – the blind prophet whose advice had been neglected by Oedipus and therefore was also accused of killing Laius. Jocasta , Oedipus’wife, is Thebes queen and was married to Laius. However, once Thebes was freed from the Sphinx by Oedipus, the latter married her.
Meanwhile, news about the royal family has been brought by a messenger from Corinth a city at the western end of the isthmus (Greece) that joins the Peloponnesus to Boeotia. Furthermore, the murder of Laius was witnessed by an eye witness who was a shepherd and therefore he thought he should inform Oedipus about what he had seen. Moreover, a second messenger declared that the Oracle’s prophecy was undoubtedly true and at the same time announced the death of...

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...s pride that led him to the appalling destiny as in an ironic twist of fate turned Oedipus into a blind. He was left helpless to cope with a conflict in a more puzzling as well as perplexing environment. This is exactly what characterizes most of the literary tragedies. Oedipus himself does not make an exception to this rule, his self-centredness and his pride made him dare the gods along with providence i.e his own destiny. He was rebellious and revolutionary regarding the social ties:
I forbid that man, whoever he be, my land,
my land where I hold sovereignty25and throne;
and I forbid any to welcome him
or cry him greeting or make him a sharer ( ll 255-258)
All things considered, what really made “Oedipus” gain worldwide recognition as a masterpiece is the use of creativity, imagination, imagery, allegory, symbolism and language style in its varied forms.

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