Odysseus Is Worthy Of The Title Hero Essay

Odysseus Is Worthy Of The Title Hero Essay

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Odysseus is worthy of the title hero, proving that he can overcome any challenge that is thrown his way. Odysseus is a warrior that is on a mission to return to his family and hometown of Ithaca after defeating the Trojans at Troy. Throughout his journey home Odysseus is tempted with riches, pleasure, and even encounters certain death, but nothing can stop him from pursuing his ultimate goal to be reunited with his family. The reason Odysseus is able to prevail through all of the trials and tribulations he will face is because he is a man showing characteristics of courage, strength, ingenuity, patience, and most of all willpower. Odysseus particularly shows these characteristics in the adventure with the Cyclops, Polyphemus. He was able to overcome this traumatizing experience and lead his people out of the captivity of the Cyclops by his virtuous characteristics.

In book 9 Odysseus and his crew travel to the land of the Cyclopes, where the race of lawless, savage, one-eyed giants live. After feasting on this land, the men wander into a cave filled with lamb and cheese. We will later find out that this cave belongs to Polyphemus, son of the god Poseidon. When Polyphemus returns he herds them into the cave placing a huge rock slab at the entrance of the cave sealing himself, his flock, and unknowingly Odysseus and his men in the cave. Polyphemus would later discover that the men are inside his cave and after a short exchange between Odysseus and Polyphemus the cyclops turns hostile and violently kills and eats two of Odysseus’s men for supper. Odysseus outraged, thought about drawing his sword saying “I crept up close and was thinking about drawing my sharp sword and driving it home into his chest… when another thought checke...

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...courage, strength, and ingenuity. He shows ingenuity by devising a plan to first by designing a weapon large enough to disable the Cyclops, and second by getting the Cyclops drunk enough to lower his guard. Odysseus then shows his great strength when he and his men drive the enormous stake right through Polyphemus’ eye. Lastly he shows courage by leading his men out of the cave coming up with an ingenious plan to hide under the skins of Polyphemus’s flock.
Furthermore, we come to the conclusion that Odysseus is nothing but a hero. His ability to demonstrate so many virtuous characteristics is astonishing. Time and time again Odysseus leads his people by example and through all the turmoil finds a way to push through. The story of the Cyclops is no exception. Odysseus takes on Polyphemus and shows his courage, strength, ingenuity, patience, and most of all willpower.

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