Odysseus Is An Unreliable Narrator And A Liar Essay

Odysseus Is An Unreliable Narrator And A Liar Essay

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I’ve always admired stories about a character who confronts a foe that is more adept than them and, by the end of the tale, becomes more wise and stronger than what they were in the beginning of the story. It reminds me of what it’s like to grow up; it reminds me of when I was a kid and how I grew up to become who I am today. Therefore, I chose Telemachus as my main focus because his story involves him changing from a gripping, young man to a cunning, mature man. Also, I’d like to point out that I didn’t choose Odysseus because throughout majority of the text, when he is the narrator, Homer reveals that Odysseus is an unreliable narrator and a liar. Besides, Telemachus is a more loving and caring person toward the people of Ithaca no matter who they are. Telemachus’ story involves him in embarking on a quest seeking information about his long lost father and becoming a proud, strong willed young man. Throughout Telemachus’ journey. he is compared to his father, Odysseus, but Telemachus wants that to happen; he strives to become like his father. Although Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, translated by Allen Mandelbaum, mainly centers around Odysseus and his journey back home from the Trojan War, Telemachus’ “Coming Of Age” story and character development seems more interesting and clearer than Odysseus’.
Even though Homer makes The Odyssey revolve around Odysseus’ story, Homer didn’t convince me that Odysseus’ traits were truthful, but, in comparison to Telemachus, Homer presents Telemachus’ story through an unbiased narrator. Upon reading the poem, Odysseus’ character development seems vague because a big portion of The Odyssey is told through Odysseus. The poem shows Odysseus being an unreliable narrator when he uses personal prono...

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...young man is one of the main aspects of Telemachus’ story in the epic poem. Telemachus is able to gain fame and glory throughout the land because he ventures out of his home to search for his Odysseus. His adventure is showing the people of Ithaca that he is a loving, caring, dedicated son who protects his family’s lineage and pride. Stories of his father’s past inspires Telemachus and sets an example of what a true hero is suppose to be like. Telemachus idolizes and admires many aspects of his father’s characteristics when they are together during the end of “The Odyssey”. Their experience together helped Telemachus become capable of keeping his father’s house safe while he went off to fulfill the end of his prophecy; this meant that Telemachus proved to his father that he is the type of man that is able of continuing his legacy once he becomes the ruler of Ithaca.

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