Odysseus' Intellectual Development Throughout His Journey Essay

Odysseus' Intellectual Development Throughout His Journey Essay

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Odysseus develops throughout his journey in many ways both spiritually and physically. These developments help him adapt to his surroundings and transform him into a better person. Throughout the epic poem, Odysseus’ entire person is reconstructed from that of a soldier in the Trojan War to a versatile hero, whose development of mental, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aptitude is higher than his contemporaries’.
Odysseus’ intellectual development in “The Odyssey” is a returning subject regularly as his journey unfolds. From the beginning of his journey, Odysseus shows higher intellectual capacity than everyone around him. He displays an adroit cunning numerous times in “The Odyssey” to ensure his, and his men’s, safety. For example, when Odysseus is being held captive on Calypsos’ island, he forces her to promise that she will not bring any harm to Odysseus if he is to construct a raft to carry him home over the ocean. “So I will not entrust myself to a raft unless I can count on your goodwill and you give me your solemn oath that you will not plot some other mischief against me” (Homer, 67). Odysseus ensures his further safety by guaranteeing no harm will come to him from potential enemies. Furthermore, Odysseus develops the ability to use his cunning in situations where the danger is already upon him. For instance, when faced with his crews imminent doom in Polyphemus’ cave, Odysseus is able to collect his wits and devise a plan that saves them all.. “Meanwhile I was cudgelling my brains for the best possible course, trying to hit on some way of saving my friends as well as myself” (Homer, 121). Odysseus’ ability to keep a clear mind in the face of danger as well as obtaining the ability to avoid coming danger show i...

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...motional development Odysseus has undergone on his journey home. In refraining from defiling his relationship with Penelope, Odysseus begins a metaphorical journey in himself that mirrors his reality and leads to his eventual return to Ithaca.
A hero’s growth throughout his journey is defined by their level of accomplishment and readiness for new obstacles. Odysseus exemplifies all of the necessary characteristics of a hero by remodeling his person by developing emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and spiritually. His development allows him not only to better himself, but also the world around him by being self aware and competent. The epic poem displays Odysseus as a self righteous young man in the beginning of his story however, as the story progresses, he transforms into a self sacrificing hero with emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual aptitude.

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