Odysseus ' Character Development : Homer 's Odyssey Essay

Odysseus ' Character Development : Homer 's Odyssey Essay

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Odysseus’ Character Development
Homer’s literature served as a moral messenger to the people of ancient Greece. The Odyssey by Homer demonstrates the character development of Odysseus, the epic hero, and his journey of self-discovery. Odysseus was a great, wise, noble, and well respected war hero to his people. Odysseus had one tragic flaw that was demonstrated by his actions throughout the book. The author Homer continued to strip Odysseus of his arrogance throughout the story, by throwing challenges his way, making him pay for his mistakes, and allowing him to continue to overcome obstacles. The main purpose of Odysseus journey also to reach his home a more humble man. Reading Odysseus’ journey also served as a way to look at morals. The reader was able to see Odysseus continue to make mistakes, because of his arrogance and continue to be punished by the gods. The journey started out with examples of Odysseus’ arrogance along with his extraordinary traits, then progressed to Homer’s stripping of the hero, and ends with his new found lesson and his humility.
Homer delays Odysseus’ journey home for one very distinct reason. This reason being that the extraordinary man is very arrogant and needs to learn to be more humble. One example of why Homer delayed his journey was, because of what he said when leaving the Island of the Cyclops. “‘ But my temper was up; their words did not dissuade me, and in my rage I shouted back at him once more: “Cyclops, if anyone ever asks you how you came by your blindness, tell him your eye was put out by Odysseus, sacker of cities, the son of Laertes, who lives in Ithaca.’” (P.123, Line 500-504) This was a grave mistake and a lesson need to learn, because now the Cyclops knew everything he need t...

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...y in sometimes shows that he is also a rather weak man. It is a human instinct to want to go home and stay safe instead of always being brave and valiant.
Although Odysseus struggled to find his true identity until the end of his long voyage, he was a good example for people in Homer’s time to look up to. Since there was not a bible at the time the tale of the Odysseus served as a way to distinguish between good and bad morals. Throughout the book Odysseus and other around him continued to be punished for their mistakes by the gods. The story also gave examples of hospitality, companionship, and a moral that Homer valued very highly, loyalty. In Odysseus’ journey of self-discovery Homer gave him god-like qualities along with arrogance, then started to strip away his identity to help him reach a lesson, and finally the lesson is learned and Odysseus is a better man.

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