Odysseus : An Epic Hero Essay

Odysseus : An Epic Hero Essay

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In the Odyssey Homer tells of the difficulties Odysseus encounters Jon his journey back to Ithaca. The term Odysseus can be used in many different context but holds similar meanings. It can be argued that Odysseus character is a true definition of an epic hero who encounters many dilemmas and challenges along his journey trying to get back to his homeland. A hero is someone who is admired for his or her great accomplishments or someone who is affected by outstanding events.
According to the articles the term Odysseus was portrayed as a hero just like the poem by Homer the Odyssey. The word Odysseus is mentioned in The New York time as someone seen as an epic hero, a person who has gone beyond trials and tribulation to overcome obstacles. Each article has a different storyline but the meaning behind the name remains the same. In the article The Aegean as Odysseus knew it, the writer actually travelled from Troy trying to get to Ithaca just like Odysseus. The writer wanted to walk into his footstep just to get a glimpse of what Odysseus has been through. The article made references to Odysseus 10 year journey home from the scorched and blood-stained plains of troy. Though Odysseus was heartbroken and was seen crying on the shores of Calypso not once did he lose sight of what was important and that was getting back home to Ithaca. Odysseus took ten years to get back to his land, his wife and son which showed patience and commitment the author only had eleven days to get back home because his wife was not that patient. Similarly, to Odysseus the author encounters obstacles in trying to follow in the footstep of Odysseus in his quest to locate Ithaca, which took him a total of eleven days to step onto the land of King Odysseus. Upon r...

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...ysseus is a real person who comes from a place called Ithaca and his story of his difficult journey home will inspire others.
Classical literature is perceived as being significant not just for the historical aspect but that it shows that the past can be a gateway to the present as events can easily be compared based on a writer or readers interpretation. The story of Odysseus of ancient Greece can be compared to modern day society depending on one’s perception. Metaphorically speaking his story can be considered an insight on circumstances, trials and tribulations that we face with the outcome being a feeling of satisfaction or a sense of solace. The term Odysseus was used in different context by each Author nevertheless, the meaning of the term remains the same in each article. That is Odysseus being a hero and the difficulties he encounters on his way back home.

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