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1 Odel.lk – Apparel Website

Odel is one of the biggest retail stores in Sri Lanka that identified the market opportunity in providing their customers with the ultimate shopping experience that they would not find anywhere else in Sri Lanka. This niche and competitive advantage in Odel’s ambience, high quality products, range and variety has made it widely known as the most innovative brand in Sri Lanka today. (Odel Corporate Website, 2013)
Odel.lk is an ecommerce website launched by the company itself aiming to provide customers with an online store where products can be purchased and delivered. It is also an additional marketing channel; therefore the ecommerce type of Odel.lk is business-to-consumer, a model that sells their own products directly to individual consumers.
Business Model – Click and Mortar E-tailer
The model followed by this website is that of an e tailer and for further classification a “click and mortar” business model. According to Laudon (2012), click and mortar businesses refer to physical organizations that also conduct some e-commerce activities, usually as an additional marketing channel. Odel was previously a brick and mortar company where they sold products offline using physical interaction, however in an attempt to increase revenue and to keep up with the market competition, Odel also ventured into the ecommerce sector.

Figure 1 - Odel Search and Menu
Source: (Odel Corporate Website, 2013)
As seen above, it also includes search functionality where customers can search for the particular product that they want and further specify the exact requirements by choosing the customizations that are required. For example, when purchasing a dress, a customer can select the colour, dress size and the...

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