Oceans: The Source of Life For Our Planet Essay

Oceans: The Source of Life For Our Planet Essay

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The tremendous impact that oceans have on our planet engender how we live our lives on this earth. In this respect, we can agree that our lives depend on oceans and their many contributions to the earths environmental services. The oceans are a part of what make our planet different from any other planet in the solar system. Incidentally, oceans take up more than two thirds of the total world; other than giving us a form of outdoor recreation many people seek out the ecosystem services by visiting the beach it is a place where people utilize the invaluable aesthetic and spiritual value of the ocean. Some travel beneath the surface to have fun and explore its beautiful habitats. The ocean is an immense structure that sustains life on earth .

As such, without the oceans we would not be able to breathe due to fact that various organisms that live in the oceanic environment such as phytoplankton and stromatolites which create oxygen and help us to stay alive and allow .Aquaculture plays an important part in the ocean's services by bringing within the realm of possibility a new way of food production around the world by making sustainable long- term practices available, and food security as well as environmental costs being leveled.

Furthermore, when it comes to the worlds food source, we rely on the ocean for ''$21 trillion in food'' , due to fisherman fishing frequently for people's meals and as a means of income. Seafood being a dominant food source in the human race because of its nutritional and abundance of omega 3, protein and other mineral substances that are beneficial to maintain health, therefore, bestows the ocean's additional services upon us. In addition, to many of the animals that live among us they a...

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...y 2014]

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