OCD As A Positive Way Of Life Essay

OCD As A Positive Way Of Life Essay

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I have many times asked the question, "Why?". Why is being obsessive-compulsive a bad thing and why has it been labeled as a disorder or a personality defect? I have found that this 'disorder' is necessary for some people to bring order to their lives. Although it can be harmful to some people, leading to seclusion and inability to act, in me and in others it has given us a way to organize our lives. I do not even believe that the term 'obsessive compulsive disorder' is accurate. The whole concept of being obsessive-compulsive is being orderly; to say that it is a disorder is quite flawed. Being 'OCD' is an oxymoron, in my understanding, because there cannot be a disorder of order. So why has this psychological need for order so often been labeled as a disorder? According to www.dictionary.com--obsessive compulsive is an adjective, meaning: of or pertaining to a personality style characterized by perfectionism, indecision, conscientiousness, concern with detail, rigidity, and inhibition. So if many of these terms in the definition are positive, why then is being obsessive-compulsiv...

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