Occupying Education… Initiating Reform! Essay

Occupying Education… Initiating Reform! Essay

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“Too many students leave our secondary schools only semi-literate and semi-numerate,” says, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham at the close of the July 2009 Education Summit. The current public educational system of The Bahamas leading into the 21st century was regressive as revealed by Ralph Massey who was an economist for the Nassau Institute and produced an article called the “Academic Failure & The Skills Gap,” which reported for the 2006 Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE), “44% had passed English while 56% Failed; 17% both failed and were functionally illiterate. In Math, 18% Passed and 82% Failed; 46%, almost one-half, both failed and were functionally illiterate in the New Providence public high schools.” (Massey 3) Likewise, a recent 2006 (BGCSE) report provided by the Coalition for Educational Reform, stated that the “overall grade average would have been an astonishing E rather than D, if it were not for the private schools and a few publics in the out islands. Research also shows that in 2007 “52% of the Public High School students and 22% of the Private High School students earned “Fs”.” (Bahamian Youth: The Untapped Resource 5) What is being done in our public school to produce such depressing results? The failure and illiteracy rates propose that the standard public education is unproductive. In September 2011, According to The Acronym (The Academy’s Choice Reading One Newspaper For You and Me) there is a movement in the United States of America that was called “Occupy Wall Street.” It involved the 99% protesting against the 1% who were very rich and powerful and were afforded opportunities that the 99% wasn’t. The movement had immediately received global supporters in the fight towards ta...

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