Essay on Occupational Therapists : An Occupational Therapist

Essay on Occupational Therapists : An Occupational Therapist

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As an aspiring Occupational Therapist, I feel that it is incredibly important to have a strong set of values. I believe that this is important because, by understanding my own values and beliefs I can most appropriately respect and understand those of the people around me. As an Occupational Therapist, I will need to have a specific understanding of my client’s values and beliefs and well as other professionals. I will need to do that to assure that I am working most effectively with those individuals. The core of all my beliefs have to do with helping people live their lives to the greatest potential possible. I believe that everyone has activities that they find hard to do, and often avoid doing them. As an Occupational Therapist I want to work with people in those area and help them do the jobs and activities that may be very hard for them to complete. It is very important to me that, before someone decides that they cannot do something, they give the activity a good try and address what about that activity is hard for them before I will intervene. The core of an individual believing that they can do something, often times, needs to come from positive encouragement from others around them before they can develop their own confidence, especially after an accident. I love making people feel confident in themselves, because I think that in today’s world, it is very hard for someone to be confident in themselves due to the great amount of external discouraging factors that exist. I also believe that one of the first steps to doing well in any kind of therapy is believing that one can eventually reach their goal. This also means that the therapist and client should, together, develop realistic goals for the client to work toward.

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... useful, really helped me change my perspective. With my new perspective, I find it very easy to adapt an activity to let it work for therapy. An activity that I still feel uncomfortable with is how to stretch the client out so that they feel stretch, but not so much that there could be damage to the client’s muscles. In almost every session, the therapist would stretch the client’s muscles and the therapist did show the other student and me how to stretch the fingers and wrist in one way. I feel comfortable stretching a client in those places, but I feel that I need more guidance on how to stretch the client in other areas. Overall, I feel that I have learned so much for my first observation opportunity at Nazareth College and I know that rest of my occupational therapy curriculum will extensively prepare me to be a helpful and knowledgeable occupational therapist.

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