Occupational Safety and Health's Spearhead Approach ot Workplace Violence

Occupational Safety and Health's Spearhead Approach ot Workplace Violence

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Occupational Safety and Health’s Spearhead Approach to Workplace Violence
Workplace violence (WPV) is a behavior that undermines the integrity of the employees in the workplace and can threaten the stability of the organization. This type of behavior is not restricted to a ‘’mad man with a weapon’’ but can be behavior such as bullying, intimidation, mobbing, yelling and physical violence. WPV according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is:’’ … any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site’’ (9). This behavior occurs in many settings, including universities as well as the transportation industry. It may be a special problem in medical settings. Why this behavior occurs is influenced by such things as the environment of a confined waiting room that may become very hot or cold, an individual’s desire to express their power over another, companies that either have no policies on workplace violence or do not enforce it, and an indifference to workplace violence as being understood as ‘’part of the territory’’ for the job.
This research will address vital areas as: the extent of the problem in the health care setting, control of workplace violence through the development of a plan, response and recovery process. The authorative support for this report was retrieved from scholarly journals and governmental webpage’s (9, 10, 12). The Occupational Safety and Health’s spearhead approach to this topic will allow students, teachers and professionals such as nurses to have an understanding of the who, what and where of workplace violence. With gained knowledge and understanding, another rung of the ‘’ladder of violence’’ can be re...

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...erienced or witnessed one of these behaviors on daily or weekly occurrence. 325 of the 950 respondents said they experienced all five questions weekly (2).
Figure 2 gives the mean score of the 951 respondents to those questions during a period of 1 year. The question that had the highest mean average was the feeling of discouragement because of lack of positive feedback. There were 50 male nurses in the survey and they too felt discouragement because of lack of positive feedback as well as feeling bad about their interactions with their fellow employees.
Figure 3 gives the mean score for the frequency by the violator for horizontal violence as was experienced or witnessed by the 955 respondents. The most common violator was the nurse’s peer. Physicians were not immunes to HV. The mean average was 3.4, indicating that it occurred between a few times and monthly.

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