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Occupational Health can be related to everyone in individuals’ lives. Occupational Health refers to identifying physical, chemical hazards that are present in the workplace in order to create a safer work environment for individuals (Friis, 2006). Diseases that come from injuries in the workplace are called Occupational Diseases. Occupational Diseases are the outcomes of exposure to general conditions or specific hazards from the work environment. The health hazards in the work place can cause possible risks through toxic chemicals, fumes and dusts, high noise levels, ionizing & nonionizing radiation, high temperatures, biohazards and stress which can be classified under psychological & social hazards (Friis, 2006).The significance and goal for occupational health is to create a safe environment for individuals in the workplace and to protect coworkers, family members, employers, customers and the community in general.
Many prominent individuals contributed to occupational health. During the Greek and Roman age, there was an acknowledgment of the risks and hazards in occupational health. The prominent individual that contributed to occupational health were Pliny the Elder, Hippocrates, Galen, Rhazes, Agricola, Paraccelsus, Bernardino Ramazzini, Sir Percival Pott, Irving Selikoff and Dr. Alice Hamilton(Friis, 2006).The founder of occupational health, Bernardino Ramazzini, he describes the hazardous effect of certain jobs. He explains these hazardous in his work, De Morbis Artificum Diatriba, during the 1700s (Felton, 1997). De Morbis Artificum Diatriba pointed out the threats posed by hazardous chemicals, dusts and metals used in the workplace (Friis, 2006).
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... feet on his head. My father died instantly from head trauma. That’s why I believe strong regulations should be place in the work environment to prompt safety, keep individuals safe and save lives. As a group, we worked cohesively together. One aspect that I notice, I was the youngest of the group and I organized the meetings to work on the project. I took the position of leader since no one contact anyone to meet or organize a meeting. All in all, anyone put in great effort and accomplish their work on time.

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