Occupational Competition: Computer Engineering Essay

Occupational Competition: Computer Engineering Essay

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What are the top ten occupations in the world today? What is the most competitive, and receives the best business? Careers have evolved over the years because of new advances in technology, many of them including new inventions. The main two careers with the best stability in the modern world are health care, and computer technology. Novel Health cures have given individuals immunization to old diseases that have been remedied, and in order to obtain these medical findings, new technologies have been established. The main creation is the computer.
The computer has changed modern society, making calculations much quicker than any person could. It is used in almost every business because of its efficiency in holding substantial amounts of information.
In 1822, a computer was a human worker that solved trigonometric functions much like computers do today. However, because the workers were human, they made mistakes, and data was incorrectly calculated. By 1832, a man named Charles Bavage came up with the patented “difference engine” that he created to correct mistakes on the mathematical functions. His invention did not inspire others until the industrial revolution in 1890, when the American census started using punch cards.
Herman Hollerith became the next computer engineer in history. He used electricity to count the census and successfully started a business called the Tabulating Machine Company. When World War 2 began, inventors incited use of the computer in creating undisclosed messages so the enemy could not find out strategies. That is when colossus was created. It was the secret of World War 2.
Computer growth continued to become an inspiration to society. John Mockley created the furthermost modern computer in society ca...

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...reers with only positive growth and business in the immediate future.

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