The Obstacles Of Nuclear Power Essay

The Obstacles Of Nuclear Power Essay

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The Obstacles to Nuclear Power
The United States relies on nuclear power to generate a significant portion of the electricity needed in our homes and businesses. As nuclear power plants, as well as the nuclear work force, ages, companies will be faced with difficult decisions regarding weather or not to construct new nuclear power plants. My research question focuses on the obstacles to nuclear power growth as an industry. What are the economic, political, and social problems that have driven the United States away from nuclear power, and what can be done to eliminate them?
Through my research I plan to identify the major obstacles to nuclear powers growth. With a large percentage of our nation’s energy being produced from nuclear power, the growth of the industry would limit national dependence of foreign energy sources. I also hope to use this research to enlighten the public with factual information regarding nuclear power. I hope that I can change the perception that nuclear power is just too expensive and unsafe. This research is important to me as nuclear operator because the continued success of nuclear power means that my skillset will continue to be marketable. Also, as a Navy veteran, I know that the continued use of nuclear power in the submarine and surface fleet is an important aspect of our national defense strategy. Public perception of nuclear power can affect when and where ships can port, and the loss of public faith in nuclear power, in general, can have a devastating effect. My intended audience will be those that think nuclear power is too expensive or unsafe. Also, my audience will be government officials that make decisions regarding nuclear power, both on a national level and on a local government level.

... middle of paper ... away with a solid understanding of the obstacles that nuclear power faces going forward. Nuclear power is a vital piece in our nations’ energy portfolio. Many advances in the nuclear energy field will allow us to build smaller, cheaper, and safer reactors.
Also, advances in nuclear fusion and the ability to build small, compact reactors will allow us to move away from the larger aging nuclear power plants. Strong public and political support for nuclear power will allow the building of these smaller reactors which will minimize the effects of one or two power plants going offline. Presently, the loss of one or two power plants in a region can have a crippling effect on the consumer.
As you can see, this topic is of vital interest to the United States. I hope that my final product is able to convince the public and politicians of the importance of nuclear power.

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