Observing The Teacher / Student Interaction Essay

Observing The Teacher / Student Interaction Essay

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2. Observing the teacher/student interaction, the students are highly eager to get involved in discussion. This shows that they understand and appreciate the material that is given to them. This caused me to reflect back on my sophmore year in English we didn 't have much to read that was actually enjoyable. Sure we talked about ethnicity but we didn 't get to embrace the meaning of diversity as much as he does in this class. He has two groups, the class as a whole, and the four students whom make up the honors group. I got to spend time with the honors group and you can tell the different roles and the different qualities that students have that compliment each other. Even though the class is interactive some students still hold back and they do not speak out in class as much as others. Each student learn at different paces but as a teacher he keeps them engaged and he may bounce from group but he gives them all equality in learning. If a student does not understand he encourages them to ask.
3. He really wants to prefer the students for what is next for them. His lessons are focused around identity and how students should understand and appreciate the differences in each other, but to embrace the differences. Cassell explains what ever he is planning to do to the class throughly. Students are willing to interact when they have questions and concerns. He starts the class off with grammar check. He has handouts where students have to go through and correct either sentences or paragraphs. He then leads to the class reading book and as a class they discuss what they found interesting, not so interesting, and what they understood and felt about the story. Cassell at this point fades into the background and allow the students to disc...

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...ons, such as loud noises outside would be going on.
9. Watching him, I 've learned to be patient but he reminds me that students are growing and we as teachers have to accommadate them so that we are able to keep their attention. As he introduces each assignment he conferences with me about why it is important and what goals he is trying to reach when he introduces the topics to the students. He talks to me about what he feels helps the students, like the laptops. He says that the laptops help the students focus and teaches them the meaning of responsibilty. He says it also makes interaction with students easier. This has encouraged me to use technology in my classroom, because it is helpful especially when it is time to do writer 's workshop. I am really interested in what this teacher has to offer, and I believe it will help my journey through my education career.

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