Essay about Observing Tattoos At No Coast Tattoos

Essay about Observing Tattoos At No Coast Tattoos

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When I first decided to observe tattoos I was not sure what I was getting myself into. I had an understanding of what tattoos were but did not know much else. I was scared that even though the artists had given me permission to come and observe, the client would not be okay with it, and if the clients were not okay with it, the staff would not be. In the end, everyone was more than willing to talk to me and let me observe and after the first day I felt comfortable returning to observe.
While observing tattoos at No Coast Tattoos, I noticed several different types of relationships. The first type of relationship I noticed was client to client. This relationship was only surface level, at best. There was few words exchanged and the conversation never extended much past, “how are you?” and “what are you getting tattooed?” These conversations were hardest to keep going. The clients were generally complete strangers, and they also wanted to respect each other’s limited amount of time, while getting tattooed.
The next type of relationship was between two tattoo artists. This type of relationship was more of a friendly rivalry. The artists were all comfortable with each other so they would joke, and poke fun at each other. However, they did have a mutual respect for each other and would show that, by complement one another’s work.
The final type of relationship that I observed was that between artist and client. This relationship was unique in-and-of itself, because through this relationship two people, the artist and the client, come together to make one piece. With only a short amount of time and limited resources the artists and clients, at No Coast Tattoo, learn enough about each other, to the point that the client feels...

... middle of paper ... the client is okay with how he/she is sitting, that they don’t need to use the bathroom, etc.
On one of my last few days observing, I had conducted and interview with a woman who had a few tattoos already. When asking her how her experience went this time as compared to other times, she had nothing but remarkable things to say: “My experience at No Coast, was great. The artist I was very friendly and really listened to what I had to say. I never felt as if they had taken offense to what I asked for, and they never made me feel as if I was unwelcomed.”
After conducting my field research, I am no longer afraid of getting a tattoo. From what was observed at No Coast, I now know that No Coast Tattoo is a tattoo parlor in which artists are focused on the needs and wishes of the client so the client is able to walk away happy with their experience, and tattoo.

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