Observing An Opportunity For Parents And Children With Play And Interact With One Another

Observing An Opportunity For Parents And Children With Play And Interact With One Another

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Identifying Information
Friday, February 12, 2016, I was able to observe an opportunity for parents and children to play and interact with one another. There were six children; four boys’ aged one month, 22, 23 and 29 months, and two girls aged 30 and 11 months old. There were three staff members present and three mothers. Typically, there are more parents and children present as per the staff members, but it is unknown why they were not able to be a part of the group that morning. It is not a mandatory group to attend, but provides a voluntary learning experience for staff members, adults, and children.
Purpose of the Session
This has been a new opportunity at the agency which allows enrolled families the opportunity for children and parents to interact with one another. It is offered weekly in the developmental playgroup room, and follows the same schedule of a regular developmental playgroup. During this week of observation, the only difference between regular developmental playgroup and Friday’s opportunity is that the group did not sing songs or read a story. Since this has not happened for two weeks I am beginning to think that this activity is not done during the playgroup. I believe that the families who attend this opportunity can have the same vision as I do, and that is being able to connect families with one another, but also have some personal time with their family consultant, if they choose to visit. I am hoping that the families see it beneficial to themselves and their children.
Initial Observations of the Client
The playgroup room was created in order to address all areas in which a child develops, so the physical climate is stimulating for children to find interests in toys that they may not have been expose...

... middle of paper ...

...t her and her children, they do not treat any different compared to the rest of the moms and that they work with her, and since she can relate to the staff members she feels that attending this group can be an opportunity for her maintain interactions since she is a stay-at-home mom.
For personal development, I know I cannot learn every skill in the world in order to work with every client, but this family has made me want to improve on the social work value of competence. For example, learning and gaining experience in the terms such as ASL and DHI (and more), person-centered language, ways to interact, learning some sign language, and just becoming more aware of what this population of persons within our community face. Since I have not worked with the population or had any experience, I feel as though I am not knowledgeable to serve this population in the future.

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