Observing A Computer Lab Is More Difficult Than I Expected Essay

Observing A Computer Lab Is More Difficult Than I Expected Essay

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The task of unobtrusively observing behaviors in the Laun computer lab was more difficult than I expected. However, it was not obvious to other students that I was observing because it is not uncommon to see students take notes on a notebook in this setting. Therefore, there was not any uncomfortable issues of students confronting me or asking why I was writing in my notebook. Thus, the overall method of observing was not the difficult aspect; the factor that made this observation more difficult was in how I had to observe and rely more on nonverbal body language and individual actions of the students rather than verbal interactions between them. However, this factor was not unexpected as I did understand that in the mornings, the computer labs had less people which usually result in a quieter setting.
Specifically, this observation was to observe how the usage of electronics may decrease the social interactions among individuals, hence the decision to observe social behaviors in a computer lab. The overall time that I spent observing was approximately twenty-five minutes since I began at 9:00 a.m. until 9:25 a.m. Upon entering the computer lab, there were already two students utilizing the computers. One of the students was not facing me; instead, he was facing the back wall with his back to the door. The second student that I noticed, also had his back to the front door, yet he did see me sit down since I sat in the seat diagonal from him on the far right end of the opposite table from him. Both of these two students were using the computers, along with having headphones on that were hooked onto their phone or music player. Shortly after I entered, two more students came into the computer lab as well. One sat down i...

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...etermining a true relationship. Various factors could have affected the communication levels in this setting. For example, the timing of the observation limited my observation to only four individuals that were utilizing the lab. When I was about to leave, more people entered and brought forth more social interactions with verbal communications. Overall, these individuals who utilized electronic devices in the lab were more focused on their electronics or on their task at hand rather than to engage in a social interaction. However, as there were limitations in this method of research, the general conclusion may not be accurate to make a general conclusion about social behavior to be applied to all human behaviors. Once more, the observation is effective in seeing natural behavior but it is not a valid measure to determine a causal relationship of human behavior.

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