The Observation Of Discovery Science Essay

The Observation Of Discovery Science Essay

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Science is a process of study that includes repeatable observation, discovery, and testable hypothesis. So that we find ways of knowing, discovery and understand the nature around us. Science look for natural cause of natural phenomena. Thus, it studies of structures and processes that we can observe and measure, either directly or indirectly with the help of tools like microscopes allowing our senses to be extended.

The observation of discovery science engaged curious minds to ask questions and look for explanations. Ideally, such investigations consist of what is known as the scientific method. Which consists of series of steps. One key step of the method is called hypothesis deductive reasoning. Which is a tentative answer or an explanation on trial to a question. Its usually an educated guess, we all use hypothesis in solving everyday problems. For example, let’s say that my cell phone fail to work during an emergency. That is an observation. The question here is why doesn’t the cell phone work? A reasonable hypothesis based on past experience is that the battery is dead. The logical in hypothesis deductive reasoning refers to the use of logic to test the hypothesis. In the process of science, the deduction usually takes the form of predictions about what outcomes of experiments or observations we should expect if a particular hypothesis is good, correct. We then test the hypothesis by performing the experiment to see whether or not the results are predicted accordantly.

Most people associate facts with science, but accumulating facts is not what sciences is all about. Its is true that facts in the form of verification observation and repeatable experiments results, are the requirements of scienc...

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... does not hold he/she back, doesn’t preventing anyone active a goal. I believe that if you are predetermined and you born with the brain to do discovery it doesn’t matter were you are born.

According to Berlin, “all human minds essentially use the same way of thinking” I don’t think all human minds use the same way of thinking because each person has a unique way of think. People in different cultural use cultural actively and creatively think, they interpret and manipulate the rules in different ways. In fact, they emphasize rules that best suit their needs. If we all humans think the same way, we would have an artificial intelligence.

Nevertheless, anthropology is a science a field of study or “body” of knowledge that is intend or guide through experiment, observation, and deduction to explain phenomena with references of the material and physical world.

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