Essay on Observation Log On Gender Diversity

Essay on Observation Log On Gender Diversity

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For observation log number one, I observed Mrs.H’s sixth grade classes on Monday, August 31, 2015, at LC Middle School. I arrived before 8’ o clock that gave me plenty of time to have a prep talk with Mrs.H and get all settled in before class started. First, I observed Mrs. H’s Homeroom Reading class for an hour, after that I observed her Social Studies Class that had several Special Ed children in it, I also observed her students during seminar and then the rest of the day on I observed Mrs.H’s Social Studies classes. Mrs. H is primarily a Social Studies teacher who has taught for twenty-two years. I observed for a total of _______ hours this day.
Observation Log Topic: Gender Diversity
While observing Mrs.H’s different class periods and subjects, the gender diversity that was present surprised me. In First Period which is Mrs. H’s Homeroom Reading class there is a seating chart, pretty much a boy-girl-boy-girl seating chart, with a total of twenty-two students, twelve boys, and ten girls. The first thing I found very interesting is that when Mrs.H went to go collect up homework that the students had all week and weekend to finish, along with plenty of class time, eleven kids did not have their homework complete, nine of those eleven students were girls. Therefore ONE girl had done her homework. Something very different from what I remembered when I was in school, if anyone didn’t turn in their homework it would have been a boy and one or two boys at the most, not half the class with incomplete homework.

Mrs.H’s second period class was a Social Studies class that had several students who are considered “special ed”. In this class there was eight boys and nine girls with a random seating arrangement. There is another teacher he...

... middle of paper ...

...raising their hand anytime a question was being asked. Although two of the boys were not ready for class it was critical that the boys had their geography textbook, and geography workbooks for that period. So they just had to sit there and watch and will be behind. Also, one of the girls in this class was falling asleep so Mrs.H made her stand up for the rest of the class period.
Over all Mrs.H treated the boys and girls fairly. She did not judge either gender. Both genders have the same consequences for their actions, whether it is if they don’t turn something in, or if they fall asleep. Mrs.H treats all the students fairly and provided me with a great experience of observing Gender Diversity in her sixth grade classrooms. In a mini interview I conducted with Mrs.H she stated that this group of sixth graders are very needy, and are just less likely to do their work.

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