Objectivity Is An Obsession That We Must Drop Essay

Objectivity Is An Obsession That We Must Drop Essay

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Journalism students will hear the words “objectivity” hundreds of times as they study their field. Though it may seem like an easy conversation to have in class, humans are prone to opinion. Anytime a war happens a Journalist is assigned report on that issue. They are sent overseas to report the news to their country about what is going on. Everyone is watching the news, so how do you?, and how much of the news do you deliver? Journalist Vincent Hugeux said, “Objectivity is an obsession that we must drop. It is used negatively, by those who consider that we’re not going along the same lines.” Objectivity in war journalism has blurred lines, and the some older scholars agree that news should remain objective, but understand the issue with it. Though there is however a rapidly increasing group of people, like Vincent Hugeux that think that war journalism has the right to be biased due to the circumstances and pressure they are under.
First are those who decry objectivity on grounds of it being an impossible goal... Second, are those who regard objectivity as undesirable regardless of whether it can be achieved or not... third and perhaps the most recent school of thought, are those who decry objectivity on the basis that technology has made the concept unnecessary and redundant. - Author Vincent Campell
There was a BBC Reporter assigned to cover the United States bombing of Tripoli in April 1986, her name was Kate Adie. Her reporting of the bombing created such a fuss that the Conservative Party tried to look into the news network for perceived bias, and they ended up taking control of some aspects of the broadcast. “The Glasgow University Media Group (1985) emphasise the controlling strategies of the Conservative government th...

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...e use of such strong rhetoric is used to strip away any semblance of humanity of the pub- lic notion of the terrorist,” (Simons 6.)
Objectivity is a large grey area, and is increasingly becoming unpopular. The recent boom in technology is a factor in that. People are not solely tied to one news outlet. They are able to read the article on CNN, watch it on television, and see real-time footage of it on television. Though this research was thorough, the investigation was limited by a small pool of academics due to the search tools made available. It is understood that older scholars may have a stronger argument as to why objectivity is important during times of war, but there journals could not be uncovered. As journalism students complete their studying at their schools they will question the fairness with objectivity, and if it should be such a staple in the media.

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