The Objective Of Attending School Essay

The Objective Of Attending School Essay

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The objective of attending school is to hopefully gather information that was previously unbeknownst to us. What one does with the information gathered is strictly up to the individual. My goal at the end of each class is to hopefully walk away not only with a pocket full of knowledge, but to be intellectually challenged and inspired to act. Classes pertaining to race has always spiked a lot of controversy. Students usually leave with a plethora of feelings be it negative or positive. One can only hope that for the greater good of humanity, feelings are set aside and what is taught is received with an open mind in hopes of creating awareness that ultimately leads to positive change. The goal usually of classes surrounding humanities is to create awareness to challenge what is already perceived and to invoke a desire to create change.
When it comes to race, regardless of its true definition, I have always considered myself to be black meaning that I am an individual with physiological characteristics that traces back to the negro ancestors of Africa. For me, race and ethnicity are not the same. My ethnicity more so describes my culture, language and appearance at first glance and helps others identify who I am. This class, despite being very informative does not change the way I identify my ethnicity and race. I still maintain the belief that I am not African-American nor African, but rather having ancestral heritage tracing back to the tribes of Africa. I maintain that I am ethnically Jamaican and nothing else.
This course is nothing short of informative, transformative and absolutely necessary in my book. I am still appalled at the amount of history surrounding my people and other ethnicities that migrated to the United Stat...

... middle of paper ... to all race and ethnicities. The atrocities that have went on is just unbearable at times causing me to look forward to death of the human race. In other words, yes, I see the need for the change but how can a person so small and powerless as myself impact this world to end racism? I just believe it is innate, unfortunately and people will continue to have affinity to their own kind and mistreating of outsiders. This mentality is by no means correct or healthy, because after all, is Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. believed they are of no significance and too small to change, where would the black race be today? As Einstein so truthfully said, “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” What am I to do? I have no idea just yet, but I am utterly fearful of being “neutral on a moving train.”

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