Object Relation Therapy For Treatment Essay

Object Relation Therapy For Treatment Essay

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Object Relation Therapy
In order to understand where a client is at presently one must take a look back into their childhood. Object relation therapy is one such therapy in which the focus starts at childhood and work up to the client at adulthood. Through object relation therapy, clients who experience anxiety, depression, and PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) counselors can find ways to find out about the human nature of the client, establish a counseling process, efficacy of the process, ethical issue, and multicultural issues and whether or not this particular therapy meets the criteria for a crisis situation. Before one can break down the therapy for treatment one must know the foundation of object relation therapy.
The Background and Foundation of Object Relation Therapy
Object relation therapy was established by various researchers in order to become a major treatment tool in the field of psychoanalysis. With a foundation in biblical and human nature, the object relation theorist believed that suffering starts very early in the life cycle. Melanie Klein, R.D. Fairbarin, Donald Winnicott and Ott Kernberg are all the builders associated with object relation therapy. Klein was backed by Anna Freud. Klein not only had Anna to help in the thinking process but she was also a force to be reckoned with. She was considered a person with deviant ideas but her research would propel her to have a major impact on psychoanalysis (Murdock, 2013).
Along with Klein, Fairbarin and Winnicott also were therapists who attached themselves to the work of object relation. They would later be quoted by others for the work they established as treatment by way of object relation therapy. Fairbarin was in a lane of his own. He would be...

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...t Relation Therapy
Yes Object relation therapy can be used in various crisis situations. It can be used in situation such as abused children, multiple personality disorders, physical and sexual trauma, and incest. The research done in the book Object Relations Therapy of Physical and Sexual Trauma by Jill Scharff and David Scharff (1994) suggest that object relation therapy can be beneficial to treatment of those who suffer a crisis. They believe that there is a certain amount of devastation associated with certain crisis such as those stated before and loss of body parts and medical interventions. They also state that the most severe trauma is that which happens during the early months of infancy. They quote the research done by Winnicott and his transitional therapy of objective therapy as being a good solution for treatment of crisis (Scharff & Scharff, 1994).

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