Essay on The Obesity Related Diseases Kill 3.4 Million People Annually

Essay on The Obesity Related Diseases Kill 3.4 Million People Annually

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Big People
“Over the last 30 years the average weight of an American child has risen by more than 11 pounds” (Kiener, 2015, n.p.). Doesn’t that statistic make you cringe? And why are children, along with the rest of America, becoming heavier? In the United States, obesity rates have been rising over the past couple of generations. Junk food, sugary drinks, television, electronics, media, and much more are main causes of why adults and children are becoming overweight overtime. This is a major health epidemic for our country. Research has proven that, “obesity-related diseases kill 3.4 million people annually” (Kiener, 2015, n.p.). Habits start at a young age. If the younger generations have habits of overeating, drinking an excessive amount of soda, and not getting enough exercise they are expected to become obese adults when they are older, but if parents, teachers, and other adult figures in children’s lives begin promoting habits that help them stay physically fit and healthy we can potentially save the lives of many people.
Since eating and exercise habits begin at a young age should the government get involved in schools, so children receive healthier meals and a proper amount of exercise? I personally believe that government should be involved, making sure children are provided with healthy school lunches, healthy drink options, and adequate play and exercise time every single day. Former studies have shown
In the 2006–2007 school year, 95 percent of high school, 78 percent of middle school and 17 percent of elementary-school students could buy sugar-sweetened beverages at school. By 2010–2011, those percentages had dropped to 88 percent, 63 percent and 12 percent, respectively. (Clemmitt, 2012, n.p.)
Schools have s...

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...uld not control in our lives. If we let the government limit our accessibility to soda they could slowly begin controlling other aspects of our lives. We all make bad decisions, but it should not be up to the government to stop us from making those bad choices.
People do not like to be given limitations and restrictions on their right to eat junk food or other unhealthy foods and drink sugary drinks such as soda. But the reality of it is, is that American needs to realize that obesity is becoming an epidemic and we need to put a stop to it. A way we can prevent people from dying and innocent children from gaining weight is to limit accessibility to sugary drinks and give children more opportunities to be active. If we encourage children towards the habit of living a healthy lifestyle we can change the path statistics are heading involving obesity in America.

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