The Obesity Rate Of West Virginia Essay

The Obesity Rate Of West Virginia Essay

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Unfortunately, obesity has become a very big issue in the state of West Virginia. With a reported obesity rate of 35.7% in 2014, West Virginia has the 2nd highest obesity rate in the nation. At this high rate of obesity, there are bound to be a multitude of health issues. Issues such as diabetes and cancers are the most prevalent in the obese population. Sadly, these health problems are deadly to most individuals that are obese, but they don’t even realize it. Children that have been born in raised in such areas with these obesity problems, assume that someone who is overweight is how a person should normally look. They do not know any better because that’s what they have grown up around. There are many ways to fix this though. In this essay, 2 options will be presented and discussed on how the obesity rate in West Virginia can be decreased. Starting with the promotion of fitness within adolescents and then moving into the promotion of fitness in the workplace these two solutions can lead to a healthier and in shape population in West Virginia.
Pushing for children and adolescents to become active at a young age is key to keeping them from falling into the category of obesity as an adult. When something is instilled in an adolescent at a young age, it is more than likely going to stay with them as they grow older. This is very important to the process of becoming a healthier state. As of right now the birth rate per 1,000 women in West Virginia is at 61.5% according to the National Vital Statistics Reports (Center for Disease Control, 2013). This means that there are a lot of young children that are subject to believing that being overweight is normal. If school systems, all throughout West Virginia were to start health and well...

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... to individuals for such diseases as Type 2 Diabetes that may not be able to afford it in the first place can quite possibly save lives. Lots of overweight patients may not know they have Type 2 Diabetes until it is too late and someone is put in a life or death situation.
Overall obesity is a problem that the longer it goes unfixed the worse it is going to get. Health risks are on the rise in patients that are obese. According to the CDC, obesity leads to many different health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood-pressure, type 2 Diabetes, and eventually death. What a lot of West Virginian’s consider as normal is deadly and the only way to reverse it is to inform and encourage those people to get in shape. If an entire state is able to get behind getting in shape and they realize how bad this issue actually is that will push them to make a change.

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