Obesity: Mantaining or Lossing Weight Essay

Obesity: Mantaining or Lossing Weight Essay

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One of the greatest epidemics our country faces today is obesity. In order to fight this problem, individuals must be better educated about their well-being. One of the main aspects to having a healthy lifestyle is keeping an eye on the amount of calories one consumes. It is often said that each person should consume 2000 calories per day. Everyone should watch what they eat, obesity is a growing issue that has the ability to affect almost anyone. Today, people of many different races and nationalities are affected by obesity. Nutritionists and other experts have many different theories about how to establish healthy habits. Ultimately, the number of calories required for one person to consume varies based on many different factors including sex, age, weight, level of activity, and more.
The level of activity combined with caloric intake effects one’s weight. Maintaining weight or losing weight requires a lesser calorie intake than expenditure. The Weight-control Information Network states, “Body weight tends to remain the same when the number of calories eaten equals the number of calories the body uses.” Marion Nestle argues the same fact, “As to the number of calories you need, they must balance the number you expend,” (79). In other words, if someone consumes a large number of calories but does not “burn” those calories off, then potentially they could gain weight. An expenditure of calories comes from any physical activity that requires the body to use energy. This is all a part of keeping a balance of one’s energy: calorie consumption should be similar to calorie expenditure. Theoretically, the more one exercises, the more fat he or she will lose, however, Nancy Clark claims that this is a myth. There are many factors that ...

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