Obesity Is Becoming A Worldwide Epidemic Essay

Obesity Is Becoming A Worldwide Epidemic Essay

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During the Middle Ages adults who were obese in society were seen as having high status in the community. People who were hefty in those day were considered wealthy and healthy. They had the power and money to buy any goods most people who were poor desired and needed. Wealth affected the wealthy to consume excesses amount of food and that indicated them to be healthy than the rest of the people who were low income or did not have any money. Being obsess was the sign of wealth and health, however, throughout the years the label has changed into a negative form.
However being obese is labeled to a person who is severely overweight. There is no more indication of a person being wealthy or healthy anymore in this point of time. Becoming fit is the new label of being healthy and wealthy. Obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic “less than 40 years, the prevalence of obesity… has increased over 50%” [meaning that] two out of three American adults are overweight” (Harvard Men’s Watch 5). Being obsess can put a person’s health at risk for contracting illnesses, diseases or even death. This is a real issue that is still occurring and should not be neglected. Obesity can put a person’s body into misery because the person is packing more weight than what the body can handle. This can cause the body to become stress because it will have to work harder to do the same movements a fit person will do. Also people who are obsess are putting their skeletal system into overtime when it comes to moving around. The human body can only take some much weight until it will give up and collapse.
In the article “Obesity in America: What’s driving the epidemic?” describes that obesity is an unknown problem that scientists are trying to understand. There ...

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...ome people eat portions that are distorted, like eating a lot of carbohydrate and not enough protein. That can be the leading scale of going weight quickly. Next is skipping meals throughout the day to eat food that is super high in calories. Skipping meals is a bad strategy to consume a food that is highly dense calories because people are putting their body in starvation mode. They body will begin to start burning fat that is stored in the body, however, once you start to consume food. The body will stop absorbing the fat and being to store the fat that the person is starting to eat. The body is thinking that you wont feel it for another while so it starts to store the high calorie food into fat storing cells causing people to be overweight. Poor habit over all can cumulate to becoming obsess and contracting illness, diseases and putting the body’s health at risk.

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