Essay on Obesity Is Becoming A National Epidemic

Essay on Obesity Is Becoming A National Epidemic

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Obesity is becoming a national epidemic in America. It often starts in childhood and follows a child into adulthood. There are several different ways that parents can help promote a healthy lifestyle for their children, from healthy diets to daily exercise, but many times having a healthy family is not enough. It will take America moving towards healthier life choices and away from the fast foods and sodas. America as a nation needs to promote exercise and eating healthy, making it the “cool” and trendy thing to do.
There are several different approaches to changing the way people eat or think about foods. Not only do people need to be educated on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, they also need to be shown that it not something that is targeting just them. By implementing national regulations on nutrition in schools and offering programs to educate adults about lifestyle choices we can begin to combat obesity and at the same time eliminate many other health risks that are sweeping our nation.
When children eat more than they need, their bodies store the extra calories in fat cells to use for energy at a later time. Children up to the age of eleven need between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. Children who have diets that are high in calories and that lack adequate exercise are more likely to be overweight than their peers who have a healthy ratio of calorie intake and calories burned.
There are several reasons a child’s dietary intake and activity level and activity level could be off balance. Working parents may prefer processed and fast foods over home cooked meals as they have less time for preparation. In addition to nutrient lacking food, overeating is a big contributing factor as many restaurants advertise high-calorie foo...

... middle of paper ... this epidemic.
Educate yourselves and educate your families. Encourage your schools and your communities to offer programs and materials on education, exercise and lifestyles. Learn the risks involved with being obese and ways to prevent obesity from happening to your children. Teach by example. Show your children that playing outside, swimming, walking, and sports are great alternatives to staying inside all day, and do all these things as a family. Get others involved in your efforts.
Obesity is no longer the problem of the individual but has become a nationwide issue and needs to be addressed as a nation. The government was able to implement bans on advertising related to tobacco use. The same can be done with convenience food advertisements targeting children. Don’t force people into healthy lifestyles, but show them that there are more options out there.

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