Obesity Is Bad For Children Essay

Obesity Is Bad For Children Essay

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Young Children Obesity
If it weren’t for fast food restaurants children and adult would not be so obese here in America. In the book of Language awareness “The hard sell: Advertising in America” it talks about how advertising is appearing everywhere in newspaper and magazines, on billboards, on the sides of buildings and on paper bags. Advertisers promote this king of ads to the children and adults to make them go buy the products. The real issue is that obesity is bad for children and adults here in America in today society. It can lead to many effects of obesity like health issues, depression, eating disorders, and death. The biggest contributing factors to childhood obesity is advertising and is their fault that children and adults are really obese with bad health problems. The basic purpose of advertising is to inform the customers about the existence of the product and its features.
That their business must display its products one way or another, and that they have no control over the personal responsibility of the person who reads it. While children may not know the persuasive intent of advertising, parents know, and know that ultimately they should choose what they want and what their family eats. No matter how badly the child wants it, not giving it to a screaming child takes practice and patience. Parents should control how much time their kids spend in front of the TV. Fast food has become one of the top factors contributing to obesity in America today. It has become such a sneaky problem for so many by using tactics like the advertising to children, bad for their health, and permissive parenting.
Advertising to children is a big main factor why children are becoming obese. Obesity exists within children and especial...

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...m or series on TV. We believe that channel directors are using these in popular programs so, manufacturers find chance to show their products to more people. When it comes to help selling goods to a bigger market, advertising has a huge role. Markets can be aware of products that are shown in effective advertisements. Thanks to this, markets decide to buy these products and producers sell more goods. Furthermore, when markets have more product stock, they sell these products cheaper. So, this also can help consumers’ economic situations. On the other hand some opponents to advertisements claim that these do not give more information’s about products. For example, they do not know what there is in a food.
Advertisements do not inform people about preservatives and additives in food. However, advertisements mostly have responsibility to sell and present the goods with

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