Essay on Obesity Is An Epidemic Sweeping The Nation

Essay on Obesity Is An Epidemic Sweeping The Nation

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Obesity is an epidemic sweeping the nation, besides the United States, Mexico and India are facing the same challenges. According to the video “Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight”, the U.S. in 2002 states had reached a 35% obesity rate. This is compared to the 19% in 1991. Clearing this is a fast growing epidemic. Many people would assume becoming half a ton could not happen to them. However, with our obesity rates drastically increasing, clearly, it can easily become a reality.
According to the “Energy Balance and Health Body Weight” video, people don’t die from obesity. Deaths occur from diseases caused by obesity. It is said, 70% of obese individuals have at least one disease-related issue caused by their weight. The issue that occurs are, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, cancer, poor circulation, immune disorders, arthritis. Besides obesity, being overweight is concerning as well. People hold fat differently on their body; they are either an apple or a pear. Meaning individuals may hold weight more around the abdomen or lower adobo men and buttock region. The most concerning are the apple shape because it leads to more risks, such as diabetes and hypertension. This shape can occur due to gender, smoking, drinking, inactivity and menopause. Becoming obese can be caused by a number of elements such as genetics, lifestyle choices, loneliness, addiction, advertising and timely eating.
To become a half a ton, it is clear these individuals hold some of these underlying causes. I think it first starts culturally. How we grow up plays a critical role in our food choices and activities. For instance, our culture can play a large role in our food choices. If a person grows up around bread, pasta and fried f...

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...als against obesity. While BMI is noninvasive, it is a poor mechanism to test fat percentage. This is because it falsely distinguishes between fat in muscle. Fat fold test, waist measurements are more accurate methods of testing fat percentages.
Overall, the individuals in “Half Ton World” did not plan on becoming obese. It was a result of lack of control, which could happen to anyone. These individuals clearly had a poorer quality of life. One had not seen the outside in seven years, while others dealt with judgments, and could not sit at booths. Being obese takes over a person 's life in a negative manner and can threaten their jobs and livelihood. Not taking care of the body will affect all aspect of life. This is why it is important to be able to recognize signs of appetite and satiety, as well as making a conscious choice to eat healthily and exercise.

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