Essay on Obesity Is A Serious Problem Among People

Essay on Obesity Is A Serious Problem Among People

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Obesity is a serious problem among people in many countries. In fact, it affects about than a third of the population in the USA (Freedman 11). The average life expectancy in the USA is expected to lower because of obesity. Many people think being overweight is obesity but actually there is a difference. When a person weighs far much more than would be considered ideal, that person is obese, while being overweight means simply weighing a bit more than average. There are several causes and health effects of being obese. Every year, millions of dollars are spent in treating illnesses associated with obesity and in training programs on obesity (Freedman 12). Obesity is, therefore, a very important matter that needs understanding in order to prevent its negative effects on the population. This paper will examine the different causes and effects of obesity.
The main causes of obesity, though a multifaceted occurrence are, improper dieting, lack of exercise, and general lack of awareness and overeating. Firstly, improper dieting or eating food which is imbalanced is a cause of obesity for most people. Eating food which is not balanced deprives the body of essential minerals required for the proper functioning of the body organs. Many people eat fast food and those that are very high in carbohydrates. The cholesterol levels of this food and other junk food is very high. Excessive eating of these types of food increases the sugar and fat levels in the body. This is then transformed into body fat and cholesterol. This fat is stored in the body especially around the stomach. As a result, an individual gets fatter and change in appearances to becoming chubby. This body shape is disliked and many of them begin to suffer from reduced self c...

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...raised into equally overeating adults. Consequently, these obese individuals find it hard to exercise and play with colleagues which, consequently, lead to more eating and less activity. As a result, individuals, especially children begin to eat more as they find more comfort in it.
Obesity has reduced the quality of lives from many individuals. It poses serious threats to lives of individuals and greatly affects victims self esteem. It is therefore, of paramount importance to assess our lifestyles in order to prevent the many problems caused by obesity. It has been shown here that obesity poses a lot of problems in the lives of individuals both from within and outwardly (Heaton-Harrison 89).We therefore should be more concerned with our feeding habits and daily lifestyles. Eating healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly is the guarantee for a healthy living.

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