Obesity Is A Prevalent Problem Essay

Obesity Is A Prevalent Problem Essay

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By 2030, 50 percent of adults will be obese if the way we act right now continues (Freudenberg, 39). Obesity is a prevalent problem in the United States that has been around for many years. Obesity is identified as having a BMI of 30 or greater and morbid obesity is identified as having a BMI of 40 or greater. In order for there to be a change in America and the rest of the world, people have to make a change individually. People can blame obesity on many things: parents, poverty, depression, or genes, but the truth is whether one is obese or not is up to that person. Three reasons for the increasing rate of obesity are the lack of interest, the lack of exercise, and the lack of knowledge and money.
Currently, 51 percent of Americans would like to lose weight, but only 25 percent of them are striving to reach this goal (Vaccariello, 80). What is holding so many people back from losing weight? Could it be the lack of interest and motivation, or is it the same excuse of not enough time and energy? About 1/3 of children and adolescents age 2-19 eat fast food every day (Aubrey). Most likely this eating habit is a leading cause of obesity. If we could just take a few extra minutes to make a less salty, greasy meal, we could change the fact that the rate of eating at fast food restaurants has not decreased in over 15 years (Aubrey). Another reason people cannot seem to lose weight is because of their improper eating habits. Some surveys show that 65 percent of people will indulge in sweet, salty, or fatty foods while only 25 percent will choose “healthy” snacks (Freudenberg, 10). What happened to that 51 percent of people who would like to lose weight? Other improper eating habits like not chewing thoroughly can also cause one’s diges...

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...ental preparation, eating better, and exercising more are probably the three most important tasks to losing weight (Bronstein). People can also become fat or possibly obese because of a lack of money. Since 1983, prices of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and dairy have increased by an average of 104%, while fats, oils, sugars, and carbonated beverages, have increased at a much slower rate of 56% (Finkelstein, 21). These expenses make it difficult to eat healthy, and simpler to eat packaged foods.
Lack of interest, exercise, knowledge, and money can all be excuses for being obese, but it is really up to you. It is not up to the government or an employer to make sure people are fit and healthy. The 2nd and 3rd most important health tips after smoking are to eat a healthy diet and to live an active lifestyle, accordingly if you want to live a long life it is up to you.

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