Obesity Is A Major Leading Cause The Risk Of Heart Disease Essay

Obesity Is A Major Leading Cause The Risk Of Heart Disease Essay

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Hello, welcome to Jackie’s Juicy Burgers, would you like to super-size that meal? As a generation on the go, many individuals are making poor nutritional and lifestyle choices that can lead to an obese population. Obesity is a major leading cause of many health problems in the United States. As a Community Health Nurse (CHN), community assessment and diagnosis is important in identifying health issues and concerns. Looking at the community in which this student lives, the demographic and epidemiological data will be examined along with the windshield survey of the community to show that obesity can increase the risk of heart disease.
Community Overview
Snellville is a city in Gwinnett County located east of Atlanta, Georgia. It has been one of the fastest growing cities in Gwinnett County over the past 30 years. Its motto is “Where Everybody is Proud to be Somebody” ("Snellville, Georgia," n.d.). What once was a small farming community has grown into a prosperous city with an abundance of southern hospitality and charm. Located within the city of Snellville is the Summit Chase subdivision, which is a notable golf and country club community that is comprised of a very diverse population.
Demographic Data
The population of Snellville was estimated to be 19,245 in 2013, while the population of Georgia is estimated to be 9,994,759. The average age of the population is 43 years old with 46% being male and 54% female. While the population is diverse with many nationalities, it is still predominantly white with 61%. African Americans make up 30% of the population, with Asians at 3.3%, and the Hispanic population showing at 7.4%. While much of the windshield survey assessment included the Summit Chase subdivision, there was...

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...ns” ("Obesity in America: It’s Getting Worse," n.d.). Obesity increases the risk of several debilitating diseases. It is “directly associated with various cardiovascular risk factors” (("Health Risks | Obesity Prevention Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health," n.d.). Obesity not only shortens the individual’s lifespan, contributes to chronic diseases, it also increases the cost of health care by billions of dollars.
In conclusion, comparing the demographic and the epidemiological data with the insight collected during the windshield assessment will assist the CHN in prioritizing the health risk, such as the impact of heart disease related to obesity and other high risk behaviors. Once the health risk has been identified, appropriate and evidence-based interventions and a plan of care can be developed to meet the health needs of the community.

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