Obesity Is A Complex Issue Affecting People Essay

Obesity Is A Complex Issue Affecting People Essay

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¨Obesity is a condition in which the body accumulates an abnormally large amount of adipose tissue, or fat. It is a multifactorial, chronic disease that is rapidly increasing and having devastating effects on health, especially in the United States.¨ (DeAngelo, Kalumuck, Adlin, n.d.) ¨The number of obesity related deaths each year is 112,000.¨ (Public health take on obesity, 2016). Obesity is a complex issue affecting people in negative ways. Obesity has many causes, some of which are lifestyle, health issues, and social aspects.
Individuals have developed a sedentary lifestyle in the United States. People are no longer spending as much time exercising and are making poor food choices. People spend much of their day sitting behind computers and then come home and watch TV. Food is available practically anywhere and individuals have gotten used to instant gratification. People don’t have to spend time planning and cooking meals. It’s so easy to just run in and grab something. If people do cook, individuals pick quick processed items either due to cost or time restraints. Society is focused on work and taking care of the home and kids. Individuals don’t focus on health and fitness like people need to. As a society, individuals eat dinner while watching TV so the individual will overeat, instead of at a kitchen table where people are focused on eating a meal. Individuals’ environments have an impact on people’s lifestyles also. Work schedules, portion sizes, limited access to safe and affordable fitness areas, affordability of healthy foods and food advertising have made it difficult to focus on being healthy. People´s work schedules are so inconsistent; it’s hard to find time to work on physical activity and planning meals throu...

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...It has become an epidemic with deadly results. People who are obese face stigma and discrimination in work and social settings. Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States, and according to the American Journal of Public Health in 2013, obesity accounts for approximately 18 percent of all deaths in the United States.¨ (DeAngelo, Kalumuck, Adlin, n.d.) Obesity has many causes, some of which are lifestyle, health issues, and social aspects. Some causes of obesity can be corrected by making better choices and lifestyle changes but many cannot. It is very important to have an active lifestyle. Individuals should focus on taking care of any health issues that may be causing an individual’s weight issues. People should also surround themselves with friends and family that will help them achieve their goals to living a healthy lifestyle.

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