Essay on Obesity in School Children

Essay on Obesity in School Children

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported sixty percent of U.S children age 6 to 11 -approximately one in six children are victims of obesity-related illnesses that threaten to shorten their lives. That is more than nine million children. (Tartamella, Herscher, & Woolstoon, 2004).
Those numbers are shocking and disturbing. Have we, as a community, encouraged the most destructive epidemic outburst? Childhood overweight and obesity are public concerns because unhealthy weight is rapidly becoming the most prevalent nutrition problem of K-12 school age group in United States and around the world.
Bringing back home education and increasing physical activity seems promising as to prevent and improve health in school kids. Teachers are in a position of role model in which they can educate, encourage healthful living and thereby change the weight status of our youth. Discipline, focus and willingness to change are key elements to breaking the cycle of obesity. Ultimately, families are responsible for themselves and their children.
We, as society have the tendency to blame the government for all kinds of issues; however, with all the best of intentions, the government is an institution, and institutions are not families. Radley Balko, a policy analyst with the libertarian Cato Institute, argues that “obesity never should have been a public health issue at all. Instead of manipulating or intervening in the array of food options available to American consumers, our government ought to be working to foster a sense of responsibility in and ownership of our own health & well-being” (Tartamella, Herscher, & Woolstoon, 2004).
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Interventions should include goals to improve knowledge on food preparation, diet analysis, and budget analysis. School policies can have a large impact on development of overweight and obesity in children by eliminating high-calorie snacks, soda and fast food.
Fresh, wholesome food in appropriate portions, physical activity and making meals family bonding time are important elements to preventing the fast growing obesity epidemic in children. In addition it is essential to educate our youth about healthy food choices, and food preparation basic techniques. Kids need a chance to walk to school and to play at the playground and to have Physical Education and Home Ed classes, in the interest of promoting health and consequently fighting childhood obesity. Real changes start at home, therefore good parenting skills pose the best solution to the issue.

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