Essay on Obesity has Swept Across the Americas

Essay on Obesity has Swept Across the Americas

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Obesity, often heard when describing the physical aspects of the average American, has swept across the United States like an epidemic over the past decade. With fifteen percent of Americans being considered obese in the 1990's, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese nowadays, it is obvious that this problem has been spiraling out of control (Trinko). Thus, both politically and socially there has been a great push to slow the detritus trend, and to do so, the main causes of obesity must be identified. The fast food industry has been donned the one to blame especially since "[a]bout 44 cents of every dollar spent on food is for meals eaten away from home.. [and]... Fast-food restaurants, offering a wide variety of high-calorie, high-fat menu items, are springing up everywhere" (Hensrud). Furthermore, health enthusiasts and even the government has stepped in to limit the products that they sell in an effort to slow down obesity. Indeed although it is human nature for us to have a scapegoat for our own difficulties when others around us are doing the same, America has taken it too far when it comes to blaming the fast food industry for obesity in the US.

Truly, the main causes of obesity include greater energy input then output, peer influences, and personal choices. When referring to more energy input then output, this is simply a way of saying the amount and/or type of food that you eat exceeds what your body needs to function properly and is therefore stored in fat cells unless the individual exercises or participates in some sort of physical activity to "burn off" the excess fat; indeed, "Weight loss has to start with eating healthier foods and e...

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...en told that when receiving someone's order we ought to ask whether or not they would like a drink or not because that is where a majority of our money is made. As this ban may prove effective in New York, other states may catch on and now mass producing food companies will lose a large chunk of there market because Americans cant control themselves and exercise after consuming their largely unhealthy food (Trinko).

In conclusion, Obesity in America, which is a result of poor judgment by the people, has caused fast food companies to suffer as they take the blame for those trying to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Funny how we blame the individual and not ABC stores for alcoholic related accidents, yet we blame McDonalds and burger king for people being unhealthy and obese whose effects aren't nearly as severe as the effects of alcohol on a family….

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