Essay about Obesity Epidemic : The United States

Essay about Obesity Epidemic : The United States

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The United States is facing an obesity epidemic, with rates being at the highest in recent U.S. History. Along with the rising rates of obesity, the diseases associated with obesity, such as: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallbladder disease and gallstones, have all seen increases as well. Mainly affecting those in low-income areas, where they simply do not have the financial means to support healthy eating habits. However, given that they are low-income earners, their children are most likely enrolled in their school’s free and/ or reduced lunch program; where the food quality may turn out to be even unhealthier than that of what their surrounding food provider’s manufacture. While some scholars have suggested that taxing ‘unhealthy’ foods could help solve this obesity epidemic; it is plainly counterproductive to so—in that the main goal is to help people. Since the people who are mainly affected by this epidemic are low-income families, raising the price of the food that they have little choice but to eat would do more bad than good to those families. Sure it would lower overall consumption of ‘unhealthy’ foods, but they may not be filling those voids with healthier opinions—they may not be eating as much. Rather just taxing ‘unhealthy’ foods, there should be subsidies that go into the production of ‘healthy’ foods to lower the general price. Pair that with providing a healthy meal for their child while they’re at school, there could be significant improvements in combating this obesity epidemic.
Before getting into the methods to combat obesity, there needs to be a quick examination of who this epidemic mainly effects; that being the minority groups and low-income earners. First of...

... middle of paper ..., the amount of the good or service that is supplied will increase. So if the U.S. is able to drive down the price of ‘healthy’ foods, it could be expected that the consumption of ‘healthy’ foods will increase.
When dealing with this obesity epidemic there is no one way to solve it, rather the obesity epidemic can only be solved through a collection of efforts. Which is as follows: providing kids healthy meals which helps in them developing healthier eating habits later on in life; people need not only be told the consequences of bad eating habits, they also need to know the benefits of healthy eating; lowering the price of healthy foods through tax breaks and subsidies, it could expect that over consumption of healthy foods will increase. If all of these measures are taken, then the obesity epidemic could be solved or at the very least make it not as bad.

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