Obesity And Its Effects On Society Essay

Obesity And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Many adults including children live in a time where they are often criticized in every aspect of their daily lives and often resort to “comfort” without realizing the harmful effects associated with it. Obesity has become such a common mishap in today’s society, and no one is truly questioning it or taking any actions to prevent it. Obesity is when a person eats larger portions of food than what is necessary and often eats more fast-foods than healthy nourishments. A human body needs healthy nutrients for growth and health.
In today’s Nation, it is expensive to try and have a healthy diet whereas junk food is cheap. Numerous amounts of people don’t think about their diet, because they are too busy with work, home, children, etc. Maintaining a healthy diet isn’t always the first thing people worry about. It is much more accessible for a person to pick up fast foods and feed their family instead of cooking an actual home-cooked meal. If junk food was priced the same as healthy foods then people would significantly change their diet, and the outlook of junk food would be viewed ...

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