Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

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Without recognizing the reality of and suffering the results of living with obesity, together with the feeling of losing control with a continually growing weight and avoiding acknowledging the reality of being obese, a desire for change will not foster. The aspiration and willpower to make a change is initially conveyed in several failed efforts to lose weight and is supported by the wanting to take back control and to reverse the issues stemming from the excess weight. A journey of gathering information follows, that ultimately guides the overweight individual to information about gastric bypass surgery. Sometimes this will happen due to chance, but in most cases it is consequence of endlessly seeking for aid outside the conventional methods to losing weight. Through learning about surgery, together with what it can and cannot do, individuals form expectations, correlating precisely to the matters wherein change is wanted: the restoration of control, in addition to the ability to maintain the weight loss, on to the reversal of daily and longstanding issues involving obesity. Regardless of their interdependence, the stages in this process are not inevitable. Instead, they signify a vigorous journey that is motivated by the individual. Participants had to undergo a rigorous selection procedure to eliminate candidates that were not suitable, which consisted of proving their commitment and education to the gastric band, along with losing a certain amount of weight beforehand.

The theme living with obesity touched upon social functioning, and how participants experience prejudice from others. The negative encounters have caused social withdrawal and isolation from certain societal events. Annis et al (2004) argued that the negative...

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Knowledge of the patient journey to gastric banding will therefore assist in providing knowledge and understanding of these crucial needs, for example in the healthcare system and patients who wish to undergo the surgery itself. It is important to recognise the patient journey and the persistence of prejudice and misinformation regarding obesity and gastric bypass surgery among society, being aware of the patient journey will play a key part in combating these prejudices and could possibly aid in providing better care from the healthcare to the patients. This study has combined personal elements of participant experiences and aspirations into a thoughtful model of their journey involving gastric bypass surgery, while supporting prior research and makes it additionally specific to patients that turn to the online community for guidance, inspiration and support.

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