Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

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“Eat this and never gain weight!” Advertisements like these may pop up on your computer screen once in awhile. While most people may know that this is not true, there is a reason for such advertisements to even exist. Americans constantly want to lose weight, knowing that obesity is a problem in this country. People are influenced by the slim-bodied models on covers of magazines, thinking that this is what they need to look like. In an attempt to achieve this “ideal” body, people go on a diet, though not necessarily in a healthy way. Teenagers are especially prone to unhealthy dieting because of the changes that they are going through, both physically and mentally. They are also more heavily influenced by peers and the media, more so than the average adult. There are many cases where health issues develop as a result of dieting, and there have been experiments to scientifically show the negative impacts of dieting. People need to realize that dieting is not necessarily healthy and it can have unintended consequences that will hurt them in the future.
The diet culture is still a very young and modern idea. Throughout most of history, the main concern in food was that there was not enough to eat. However, this has recently changed to having too much to eat and the health problems associated with overconsumption of food. Today, the number of overweight people is almost twice the number underweight people (Dieting). Because Americans are aware of this fact, they have turned to different ways to lose weight, and they have come to believe that dieting is the path to a healthy living.
Why do people gain so much weight in the first place? There are many different “myths” to what causes excessive weight gain. Some believe that weight gai...

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... consider a low-calorie, and very low-fat diet” (Taubes). After the 24 weeks, although the men did physically lost weight, they also developed problems such as the slowing of their metabolism, depression, mental breakdowns, and an overall decline in health (Taubes). They were then “allowed to eat until they were satisfied, some consuming up to 10,000 calories a day… They regained weight and fat with remarkable rapidity… [and] after 20 weeks of recovery, they averaged 50 percent more body fat than they had when it began” (Taubes). Although this experiment may seem to be exaggerated, it is quite close to what some people attempt to do in order to lose weight. They also end up the same way, negatively affecting their health. Because of the mental crash in addition to the resulting weight gain, it is already too late when people realize that their diet was not successful.

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