Obesity Among Young People in the United States of America Essay

Obesity Among Young People in the United States of America Essay

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In the United States as in other developed nations, the level of obesity goes up every year. Obesity is a great issue as it affects individuals, society, and the government itself. In every kind of people, the number of obese increases everyday which increase the risks of getting obesity related diseases? Based on research done by Elissa and Steele, the number of young obese people has doubled in past two decades. (12) This is not surprising because as the United States industry food aggressively markets high-fat, high-sugar, super-sized food. Many schools dropped physical education, many children spend a lot of time playing computer games instead of playing sports and even fattening snacks food is sold onto campus. Family and school education on obesity awareness is the main path to decrease obesity epidemic among young people and children beside diet and physical exercises improvement. It is necessary to improve health education in American schools and families to help kids to be aware of obesity and obesity related diseases.
The people choice of what to eat is a result of the excessive fat accumulation in their body that exposes them to obesity related diseases. Society makes it easy to gain weight in many different ways. Most kids and adolescents usually feel irresponsible for their own life so they make bad choice of the food they eat. The big problem for young people, which is also the same thing for the adult, is lack of self-control. Nobody is happy to be obese but the way of controlling and caring about life are different among people. Family is where a kid is taught to eat healthy food and learn why it matters for his/her good health. If a family decides to eat a certain kind of food or ...

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...to change obesity future.

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