Obesity : A Very Scary Problem Essay

Obesity : A Very Scary Problem Essay

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Obesity is a very disheartening problem as it affects cosmetic features while also increasing risks of health problems. Being overweight is also a problem it’s not as serious as being obese but if left untreated it can make an individual obese. The problems regarding obesity are mostly carried on from an individual’s adolescent years. A high value of BMI is not ideal as it greatly increases the risks of heart diseases. The plaque is produced because of fats that disturbs the supply of oxygenated blood to the heart. These arteries are responsible for maintaining blood flow to the whole body and if their pathways are blocked by plaque they can cause a heart attack. Obesity causes high blood pressure as well as the risk of heart failure increases. The heart can simply fail to pump blood to essential organs. High blood pressure and increased heart risks are in no way ignorable as they can cause death. These diseases are all very dangerous and even if they don’t cause death they can permanently damage some body parts. The risk of strokes and diabetes also increases, these diseases can take a huge toll on monetary resources of a person as expensive medicine is required to keep the body running. Blood fats in the body can also act strangely as their values are increased. There are several other health issues which can fatally kill a person.
Being overweight is simply a warning that a person should not gain any more weight. There are a lot of things that can be done before overweight turns into obesity. If a person becomes obese than it is much more difficult to implement diets and exercise as the body becomes relaxed to its unnatural state. The joints in body and knee joints are especially affected by obesity as they have to support mor...

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...seases caused by obesity. The medication for treatment of the conditions caused by obesity are really expensively and that leaves the overweight and the obese people in a very bad spot where they are severely depressed about their financial and social situation. The prevalence of obesity also has negatively affected the economy of the US. Extreme obesity has also increased in percentage now more people are facing life threatening diseases because of obesity. Inactivity among the children and adolescents is also at an all-time high as they are not getting enough exercise to burn their fats naturally. Adolescents don’t exercise as much as they did before therefore the percentage of obesity has also increased. The productivity has decreased because of obesity and their medical expenditures are rising. The state therefore needs to come up with a plan for its citizens.

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