Obesity : A Serious Health Problem Essay

Obesity : A Serious Health Problem Essay

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Obesity is the accumulation of excessive body fat to the extent that it has a negative effect on a person body, causing a medical condition. Obesity is not only about a person physical appearance but however, it is an illness that can causes other illness such as diabetes, cancers, heart problems and high blood pressure which all can be detrimental to a person health. This is why combating obesity plays a greater importance to society because it is not just a physical appearance issue, but a national health problem. The explicit nature of obesity that it has contributive to undesirable social conditions and health problems that exist in the mainstream of society. Obesity is a serious health problem that is a growing trend in society. The key to solving the obesity epidemic through, a contingency approach of healthy eating, community support and being physical activity are all approaches that can help end obesity.
Obesity is the leading cause for developing other medical condition that affect the nation development and well- being of being a healthy nation. There are numerous factors that contribute to obesity. Not properly digesting and the lack of physical exercising are major contribute to obesity. The excessive intake of eating unhealthy food such as sugary and fats. In addition, two of the main culprits are junk food and high carbs; both are contributing to the growing problem in the nation. Freedman argues, “Junk food is bad for you because it’s full of fat and problem carbs” (515). Obesity is a social problem that continues to be a factor across all demographics; but however those who are living in poverty are affected the most because of the factor not able to afford healthy food. The fast foods chain make food eas...

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...ny stakeholders who are blame for how the nation has become morbidly obese. The solution to obesity is a multifaceted approach because eating healthy and being physical activity are both approaches to maintain a healthy weight.
Through, the role of teaching and recommendation good eating habits early on in life, schools and fast food chains can all contribute to the combat obesity. The more society is aware of the effects of eating unhealthy food can cause obesity. The failure to realize how detrimental obesity is to a person body and overall health. Obesity is a growing trend in today’s society so therefore, by informing society how bad obesity is and at the same time is encouraging society to live and eat healthy. We can change the growing trend of obesity by eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle which are the fundamental basis to a healthy nation.

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